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You can set up credit card billing for your account. To check eligibility, see the credit card billing guide.

Moloco issues monthly invoices to our customers. In this guide, you will find details of the billing process. 

Receiving invoices and making payments require you to work with your Moloco representative. You must let your Moloco representative know of any internal billing deadlines ahead of time to give us sufficient time to accommodate your needs. For each billing cycle, your Moloco representative can help resolve any discrepancies after you receive your invoice by email from Moloco's finance department generally on Day 4 or Day 5 of the month. 


View or download ad spend report

If you would like to check for any discrepancies between your actual ad spend and the monthly invoice amount, you can generate and download a report with ad spend amount for the month for each campaign to compare against your invoice. To learn more about data reports, see Report overview

Important: It can take up to 3 days for each ad spend amount included in the report to be confirmed and added toward your monthly invoice amount. Until further notice, your monthly invoice amount is final and official and can't be disputed over discrepancies arising from different rounding rules. The ad spend amount included in the report generated from Moloco Ads is an estimate and intended for reporting purposes only.

  1. Select the ad account you would like to generate the report for.
  2. Click Report from the left sidebar. This takes you to the page where you can specify data to view. Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 9.04.24 PM.png
  3. Select the timezone and date range. To view ad spend from the past month, select Last Month. Then, select Campaign and Spend. Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 9.06.48 PM.png
  4. Click Run to view the total ad spend and ad spend by campaign during the specified time period. To download the report, click CSV. Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 9.09.58 PM.png
  5. From the downloaded report, round up to two decimal places the ad spend amount for each campaign. Then, take the sum of all ad spend amount. This is your total ad spend amount for the month.

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