Credit card billing

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From October 2022, Moloco Ads supports the credit-card billing method. Please contact your Moloco representative to check the availability of credit card billing for your Workplace. 


Billing Overview


Only "Workplace Owner" can access the Billing menu on Settings from the top right corner.


  • Next Billing Amount: You’re able to see the balance due (which needs to be billed on the next payment period)
  • Payment Methods: You’re able to register and update your credit cards here
  • Invoices: You’re able to see the invoices and also able to download them (pdf)


Next Billing Amount


You can check the next monthly payment date, the amount to be billed, and the payment threshold. 

  • It takes up to 3 days for the numbers shown in the Campaign Dashboard and Reports to be confirmed and become the Next billing amount.
  • The amount shown in the Next billing amount will be paid on the 1st of each month.


Payment Thresholds

  • In addition to the regular payment on the 1st of each month, payment occurs whenever the outstanding amount reaches your payment threshold.
  • Payment occurs up to once a day. If your campaigns used up more than the payment threshold in one day, you would be charged the sum of all the expenses you used on that day.


The default payment threshold is $1,000. 



Payment Method



  1. To register your credit card, click Add payment method.
  2. Fill in the required field—credit card number, Effective date, CVC, and country info.
  3. You are able to edit, make default and delete the registered credit cards.Auto-billing_in_MCP___Figma_2022-09-19_11-07-46.png




You can see the invoices and also be able to download the invoices in pdf form. 



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