What is Dynamic Product Ad (DPA)?

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Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) is a feature that displays ads for products that individual users are likely to purchase. Moloco uses machine learning technology to personalize ads displayed to users based on your product feed and in-app activity of your app's users. If you have an e-commerce or content-oriented app and are running re-engagement campaigns optimized for ROAS, we encourage giving DPA a shot to boost performance. To start using DPA, reach out to your Moloco representative.


Key benefits

  • Automate customizing creative assets for your ads

    Your users are automatically shown ads tailored to their interests based on their in-app activity. After DPA integration has been completed, there is no need to manually list up top ranking products or content and update creatives accordingly.

  • Personalize and increase in-app purchase revenue

    Moloco makes accurate predictions about in-app user activity and subsequent user LTV. On average, re-engagement campaigns using DPA perform better than those using only static ads.  


How does DPA work?

  • To customize ads displayed to each user, Moloco needs to get the full picture on how users are interacting with your app. You must enable full MMP postback to share your users' in-app activity data with Moloco. See the DPA postback integration guide for more information. Drive_contextual__personalized_recommendations.png

  • A product feed is a data spreadsheet containing product information such as product ID, title, image, and price. The feed is updated on a regular basis to reflect changes in product catalog. Moloco pulls product information from the feed URL you provide to build creative assets for DPA. See the DPA feed integration guide for more information. image1.png


DPA templates 

We provide different DPA templates for different types of app.


  • At this time, we provide the following HTML templates for e-commerce apps: Single-item, Multi-item, and Carousel. Moloco Ads automatically generates additional image and/or native image creatives based off of the Single-item template to account for inventories without HTML support for creatives. E-Commerce-Single-Multi-Carousel.gif

  • At this time, we provide the following templates: Single-item, Multi-item, Carousel, and Content preview. These templates are intended for content-oriented apps such as Webtoon, OTT, real estate, and job search apps. In general, the Single-item, Multi-item, and Carousel templates work the same way as the e-commerce templates. Unlike the e-commerce templates, however, the content templates display title and content label (e.g., romance, comedy, etc.) rather than unit price for each item. If you would like to make available a preview of a piece, you can use the Content preview template to let users scroll up and down freely to preview their content of choice. Contents-Carousel-Preview.gif


Frequently asked questions

Is DPA only available for re-engagement campaigns? What about user acquisition campaigns?

DPA is available for both user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns. You can use DPA for user acquisition campaigns to acquire new users by showing them your top ranking products or content while saving resources on generating individual creatives for each item. 


Next steps

When you are ready to get started with DPA, check out how to create and integrate a product feed to learn how to set up DPA.


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