How to set up postbacks with Singular

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This is a guide for setting up Moloco as a partner on Singular dashboard and forwarding real-time postback events to Moloco.


Connect your in-app data to Moloco

  1. Go to your Singular dashboard, click ATTRIBUTION > Partner Configuration > Add a Partner > Select MOLOCO.

  2. Click MOLOCO to open your Configuration window.

  3. Select an app for which you want to configure settings, postback for Moloco You configure partners separately per app site.

  4. Scroll down to App-Specific Configuration section and choose which conversion postbacks you want to send to Moloco. Make sure to check the 4 checkboxes below.

    • Send View-Through Postbacks: Check this box to allow Singular to send postbacks about conversions stemming from view-through attribution (impressions).
    • Send all install postbacks to MOLOCO Postbacks: Check this box to have Singular send postbacks on any app installs for this app including Organic, Moloco-attributed, and  Moloco-unattributed. Note that Singular doesn't include source detail except for Moloco-attributed installs.
    • Send all event postbacks to MOLOCO on all installs: Check this box to have Singular send all in-app event postbacks to MOLOCO.
    • Enable fraud postbacks: If available on your dashboard, check this box to forward Fraud postbacks to MOLOCO. 

  5. Scroll down to the Click-through attribution lookback window and configure the window. We recommend leaving the default window (7 days).

  6. Scroll down to Install & Re-engagement Postbacks and configure your Install and Re-engagement Postbacks.  

  7. Make sure to check Send View-Through Postbacks and Send postbacks to MOLOCO on all installs.

  8. Scroll down to Event Postbacks and configure in-app event postbacks. In-app events can include any events that you have defined and implemented in Singular SDK (see define in-app event by Singular ) as well as the predefined events offered by Singular: sessions and revenue events.

    Make sure to set Lookback as None and check Include Revenue Value.


  9. Make sure to check Send View-Through Postbacks and Send all on each individual in-app event.

  10. You are all set! Once configured, scroll down and click the Done button on the bottom right of the window. 



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