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The following guide is intended for users looking to use credit card billing only. If you don't intend to use credit card billing, please reach out to a Moloco representative and follow the full contract process instead.


To start using Moloco Ads, you need to set up a user account and create a workplace where you can manage multiple ad accounts. This guide walks you through the process of signing up for a user account and creating a workplace on the dashboard. To learn more about the Moloco Ads product, see Moloco Ads


Sign up for a user account

If you don't already have an account, you can follow the steps below to sign up for a user account. 

  1. Go to Moloco Ads and click Sign up.MOLOCO_Cloud_2022-09-26_17-10-34.png
  2. Enter an email address, last name, first name, and company name. You should agree to the terms and privacy policy. 
  3. Click Create Account and verify your email address. 
  4. You should receive an email to set a password for your account. Find the email and click Create your password.   Inbox__7__-_yoonjeong_moloco.com_-_MOLOCO_Mail_2022-09-29_13-06-08.png
  5. Enter and confirm a password. Click Next to finish signing up.MOLOCO_Cloud_2022-09-29_13-09-08.png

If a workplace for your email domain already exists, you can request access to the owner of that workplace instead of creating a new workplace. If no workplace matches your email domain, you should create a new workplace.


Request access to an existing workplace

When you sign up for a user account, Moloco checks if a workplace for your email domain already exists. If there is one, you can send the workplace owner a request for access to that workplace. 

  1. Select one or more workplaces you would like access to. Click Request inviteMOLOCO_Cloud_2022-09-29_13-00-13.png
  2. The system sends the workplace owner an email notification of your request for access. MOLOCO_Cloud_2022-09-29_13-01-26.png
  3. After the workplace owner has approved your request, you can access the workplace with the email and password for your user account.
  4. If you were unable to get approval from a workplace owner, reach out to your company's workplace owner or a Moloco representative.


Create a new workplace

If there is no workplace for your email domain, you should create a new workplace. 

  1. Enter the following information. All fields are required unless otherwise specified. When you are finished, click Create workplace.
    • Workplace title: Enter a title for your workplace. 
    • Business type: Choose either Direct Advertiser or AD Agency
    • Industry: Select your business sector from the drop-down menu. 
    • Finance department email: Enter an email address to receive billing and invoice notifications. 
    • Company address, City, State, Country, Zipcode: Enter your company's physical address.
    • Ad account information: The system automatically creates an ad account with the specified timezone and currency. image.png
  2. Double check all information you have entered. You should wait until the status has updated to Approved. This usually takes 15 to 30 seconds.  MOLOCO_Cloud_2022-09-29_14-03-37.png
  3. Click Go to workplace. This takes you to the page where you can configure your workplace settings. mceclip0.png
  4. The workplace you just created appears on the dashboard. You can also see the ad account that was created with the workplace.  image__2_.png


Next steps

You can set up credit card billing or create additional ad accounts as needed. If you have created a new workplace, you can invite and manage users as the workplace owner. For more information about individual components of Moloco Ads, see Navigate Moloco Ads and Moloco Ads entities

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