Cloud DSP Release Note (22.08.24)

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Moloco Cloud DSP Release Note

There has been an update of features for Moloco Cloud DSP which has been released on August 24, 2022.


Auto-Generated Image & Native Creatives 

  • Now you can utilize auto-generated Image/Native Creative assets to generate creative assets in the dimensions that you are missing
  • ___________2022-08-22______1.43.04.png___________2022-08-22______1.42.52.png
  • Utilizing various creative sizes is recommended to increase the campaign's overall performance by maximizing the reach and usage of all inventories. Expand your reach by adding as many different creative sizes by using the auto-generated creative feature!

Campaign Budget Settings UX Update

  • The new default for the budget will be setting the Average Daily Budget.


  • The Average Daily Budget setting will use the Weekly Budget Optimizer which will optimize the campaign to spend on the best days and times of the week.
  • The performance of campaigns utilizing the Weekly Budget Optimizer sees an average of a 10% performance increase compared to spending a fixed daily budget. 
  • Use the Weekly Budget Optimizer in your existing campaigns to ensure spending on the most optimal times and days of the week. You are easily able to update the spending to the Average Daily Budget in your campaign settings.
  • There have been updates in the terminology for Budget & Schedule Settings:
    Budget Mode (As-Is) Budget Mode (To-Be)               Features
    Daily, Fixed Daily Spend the same fixed daily budget
    Daily, Custom Day of Week

    Spend the designated budget set for each day of the week

    Weekly Average Daily

    Automatically optimizes the spending on a weekly basis

    *Please note that the average daily budget mode is unavailable for campaigns with a Target CPI campaign goal


Deprecation of Old Campaign Creation UI

  • The option to utilize the old campaign creation UI ("Switch to old version") has been deprecated.


Our Moloco Cloud DSP team continues to strive to provide the best service with regular feature updates and improvements.


Thank you,

Moloco Cloud DSP Team

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