How Moloco validates Branch tracking links

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Tracking link basic 

Tracking links report user activity with your ad. The activity is reported via a click on your ad or a view.

When a user clicks on an attribution link the user is redirected to download the app. The click triggers a notification to Branch's server.


Tracking link parameters

Parameter by Branch

Macro value by Moloco

Macro value by Moloco (Legacy)

Description by Branch




click AAID




click IDFA




IP address




custom link macro




user agent








click ID




cost currency




cost model




cost value




creative name




secondary publisher


This page describes how Moloco validates Branch tracking links – For general guidelines, you may refer to How to resolve a tracking link registration error The host validation is divided into 2 types: Impression and click. You will see the error message if each tracking link type does not match the below:

Impression Click


- ending with "" (Example:



The path validation is also divided into 2 types: impression and click. You will see the error message if the path value is different from the usual Branch's path format as below:

Type Format Example





- any combination of letters, digits, and underscores



Required Parameters

Below is the specification of required parameter <> value pairs for successful Moloco campaigns – Tracking link creation/update will fail if any of them are missing:

Parameter Value  Note
&$3p a_moloco  
&source_string {{mtid}}  
&sub5 {{mtid}}  
&$idfa {{device.idfa}} IOS only
&$aaid {{device.gaid}} Android only

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