Cloud DSP Release Note (22.07.21)

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Moloco Cloud DSP Release Note

There has been an update of features for Moloco Cloud DSP which has been released on July 21, 2022.


Campaign Budget Recommendation

  • You can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns performance by following the recommended budget. If the budget is set below to recommended budget range, the campaign may not yield noticeable results.
  • This guide will provide a friendly reminder to ensure the budget is set within the recommended range. Budget___Schedule_03.jpg

Impression Interval Setting Guide

  • For App Install (UA) campaigns, we recommend an impression interval of 7 days or less.
  • For Re-Engagement (RE) campaigns, we recommend an impression interval of 1 day or less.


Removal of the Action & CPA Metrics from All Apps, App Overview Page

  • Action and CPA metrics have been removed from the All Apps, App Overview section.
  • Since the action event is only selected in in-app optimization campaigns, the criteria for an "action" may be different for campaigns with other optimization goals. Showing the action and CPA metrics for all campaigns may lead to confusion and has therefore been removed. 
  • Action and CPA metrics will only remain available in the Overview section of CPA campaigns.


Our Moloco Cloud DSP team continues to strive to provide the best service with regular feature updates and improvements.


Thank you,

Moloco Cloud DSP Team

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