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A video creative is a typical portrait or landscape video ad that consists of a video asset and an end card image. An end card is the image that appears at the end of a video ad where viewers are shown a CTA button or text they can click to download or install the advertised app. To see the creative guidelines for your target country, see this spreadsheet


Requirements for video creatives

Important: If you are looking to run video ads with Samsung exchange, see the creative guidelines for Samsung instead.

You can upload videos of any dimension to your campaign. We recommend preparing landscape and portrait videos that are each 16 to 30 seconds and 31 to 60 seconds. Our data indicate that from a pool of videos that are 16 to 30 seconds, those videos that are closer to 30 seconds led to better campaign performance, meaning that you can generally expect better campaign performance with videos that are on the longer side. 

You can use the same video and end card for your native video ads as well. You can use an auto-generated end card image but can upload your own end card image if you like. 

Tip: For each campaign, we recommend using both a portrait video and a landscape video at minimum.

Item Description
Video Format Videos must be in .mp4 format.
Orientation Landscape Landscape videos can be of any ratio.
Portrait Portrait videos can be of any ratio.
Square If you like, you can upload videos of 1:1 ratio.
Minimum width and height

Either width or height must be at least 640px. For the best performance, we recommend a minimum width or height of 720px. 

e.g.,) 640x360px, 720x1280px

Length Videos can be anywhere from 6 to 100 seconds. We recommend using videos that are 16 to 30 seconds, as longer videos tend to lead to better campaign performance.
Frame 24 FPS +
Size Up to 200MB. Upon upload, videos are automatically transcoded to be below 10MB for the best performance.
End card image Format JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF
Orientation For portrait videos, you must use a portrait image of any ratio. For landscape videos, you must use a landscape image of any ratio. For square videos, you must use a square image.
Minimum width and height Both width and height must be at least 320px. 
Size Up to 500 KB. Up to 1MB if file is in .gif format. 

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