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Video creative is a typical portrait and landscape video ad consisting of a video asset and an end card image. The end card refers to the image that appears after playing the video, leading audiences to take action with the CTA button.

Copy this spreadsheet to find overall creative checklists for your target country! 


Video ads spec

You can upload any dimension of videos to your campaign. We recommend preparing landscape and portrait videos with 16s~30s length and an end card image equal to the corresponding video dimension. 

Tip: You can upload the same video and thumbnail for Native Video and Video Ads.

Samsung exchange has different guidelines on video creatives. If you want to run ads on Samsung exchange, refer to Samsung exchange guide.
Term Description
Video Format MP4 Video
Dimension Landscape Any ratio of landscape video
Portrait Any ratio of portrait video
Minimum height and width 640px
Length 6 secs ~ 100 secs, 16s~30s recommended
Frame 24 FPS +
Size Max 10MB
End card image Format JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF
Dimension The image needs to have an equal ratio to the corresponding video dimension.
Size Max 500 KB (1MB for gif format)

Tip: You don't need to prepare an end card image using our auto end card feature. Learn how to create an end card automatically 

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