Deep link settings for Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

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For better user experience and performance, it is important to deep link users to the specific product page when a user clicks the product on Dynamic Product Ads (DPA). In this article, you can learn how to set up MMP click tracking links dynamically deep linked into different product pages.


Moloco macros for DPA

Using the following macros provided by Moloco, you can use the deep link or product ID data in the product feed to redirect users to the in-app detail page of the product they clicked on.


Deep link macros

Is the deep link address included in the product feed which can be used in the MMP tracking link? If so, please change the deep link address in the MMP click tracking link to the deep link macro below.
IMPORTANT: To use the macro below, the in-app deep link field must be included in the product feed.
  • Android deep link macro: {{catalog_item.extra_deep_link_android}}
  • iOS deep link macro: {{catalog_item.extra_deep_link_ios}}

  • Replace the deep link address value placed after the deep link parameter in the tracking link to {{catalog_item.extra_deep_link_android}}. Moloco will replace the macro with the deep link address in the feed file for the specific product that the user viewed and clicked on DPA creative.


Product ID macro

If there isn't any deep link address in the product feed or the deep link addresses in the product feed have different formats from the deep link value for MMP tracking link, you can use Product ID macro below.

IMPORTANT: To use the macro below, the deep link should work dynamically with only one variable (e.g., product ID). For example, if a category ID as well as a product ID need to be changed to dynamically deep link, the deep link won't work with just one product macro below.

  • Product ID macro: {{}}


  • Replace where product ID is placed within the deep link address to  {{}} macro. Moloco will replace the macro with the product ID in the feed file.

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