How to resolve tracking link registration errors

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We validate your tracking link while registering it on Moloco Cloud DSP to prevent an issue with an incorrect tracking link.

Currently, there are 6 types of error messages you may see when registering the tracking link – invalid link, invalid scheme, invalid host, invalid path, missing required parameter, and invalid parameter.


Invalid link

Error message: This link isn’t valid. Double-check it with your MMP partner and contact us if the problem persists.
  • You'll see this error message when we can't parse your tracking link properly. The tracking link macros need to be Moloco-supported (List of available macros by Moloco). If any macros within the tracking link are not supported by Moloco, then you'll see this error message. ?
    &af_siteid={{af_site_id}} // NOT SUPPORTED BY MOLOCO
  • For example, {{af_site_id}} is not one of Moloco's supported macros. In this case, you may want to input either a Moloco macro or a hardcoded value.
  • We recommend double-checking the tracking link with the MMP representative to make sure there isn't any missing or incorrect value in the link's structure.


Invalid scheme

Error message: Invalid scheme: Use '{valid_scheme}' instead of '{value}' in the URL
  • You'll see this error message when the URL scheme is invalid. URL scheme is placed in the very beginning part of the URL before ://___________2022-04-01______9.49.08.png
  • For example,  http is an invalid URL scheme. If you register a tracking link starting with http  then you will see this message: Use ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ in the URL
  • You can simply replace the invalid scheme to the valid one in the error message.


Invalid host

Error message: Double-check what you’ve picked for your tracking company. The host ‘${host name}’ doesn’t match the selected tracking company—but they need to match.
  • You'll see this error message when the URL's host doesn't match with the tracking company you've selected. URL host is the link domain value after ://. ___________2022-04-01______9.49.16.png
  • Each MMP has its own value or logic for the host of its tracking links. For example, Appsflyer tracking links usually have as their host except for the Onelink™. If you select Appsflyer as the tracking company but set up a tracking link starting with then you'll see this error.
  • Double-check if you've selected the right tracking company or if there's any typo in the host.


Invalid path

Error message: ‘${path}’ seems to be an unusual value. Double-check it with your MMP partner.
  • You'll see this error message when the URL's path has an unusual value. The path is the value after the host and MMP tracking links usually contain app information in the path.___________2022-04-01______10.05.51.png
  • As you can see in the image above, the Appsflyer tracking link has the app's Google Play Store bundle ID. If it has an unusual value such as 1111, then the error message will be shown.
  • Inquire your MMP representative to check if the path has an incorrect value or not.


Missing required parameter

Error message: Missing required parameters: The entered link does not have the required parameters. Please add these parameters: A, B, C.  Add all missing parameters
  • You'll see this error message if the tracking link doesn't have mandatory parameters. The parameter is a part of the tracking link that follows ? in your links.  You can see that there are sets of key=value separated by & like the image below. The value placed before = is MMP's parameter and it determines the name of the columns where MMP will store the data. 

  • We have some mandatory parameters to send the data significant for the attribution. By clicking Add all missing parameters text, we'll automatically add the missing required parameter to your tracking link.


Invalid parameter

Error message: The value of this parameter isn’t valid. [solution]
  • You'll see this error if the value paired with each parameter is invalid. The value of the tracking link parameter is usually set with macros Moloco provides. And we can dynamically replace the macro with the corresponding campaign's value, such as the campaign name. 
  • You can easily find solutions for each case in the error message like the example below. If the error message shows multiple solutions, refer to this section with full lists and descriptions of Moloco macros and MMP parameters to decide on the macro to select among those.
    • The value of this parameter isn’t valid. It should equal/contain one of the following:
      • [solution 1]
      • [solution 2]
      • [solution 3]


[Appsflyer only] Wrong App ID

Error message: App ID in the tracking link doesn’t match with the tracking bundle id of your App. The current App’s tracking bundle id: {MMP bunlde ID}
  • The tracking link's app_id value must be identical to the MMP bundle ID of the app it is linked to. Double check to be sure the two values are identical. 


[Adjust only] Missing host value for app

Error message: You entered a universal/branded link. Universal/branded link host need to be added to your app details.
  • You must have registered host values for Universal and Branded tracking links at the app registration stage. Go to Apps and click Create to register a new app first. On the New App page, selecting ADJUST for MMP displays Universal link host and Branded link host where you can enter the host value for your Universal and Branded links respectively. Screenshot


[Adjust only] Wrong host value

Error message: Your link has a different host value with the host value registered in App details. Host value in Tracking link should follow the same host value registered in App details.

The Universal or Branded tracking link's host value must be identical to the host value registered for the app it is linked to. Double check to be sure the two values are identical. 


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