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In accordance with the Data Protection Laws, Moloco provides data deletion API to serve our customer's deletion requests regarding the data they shared with Moloco. This article will provide a quick overview and steps to use Moloco User Data Deletion API.



User Data Deletion API allows you to send user data deletion requests to the Moloco Ingestion service. It requires an API key to authenticate and request data must be sent in the specified format.


How to use it

  1. Contact your Moloco representative to initiate the integration. 
  2. Moloco will provide you a partner ID, say {partner_id}, and an API key, say {api_key}, which will be used in the API to identify your user account. You will also get a test API key, say {test_api_key}, which can be used only for testing purposes.
  3. You would send requests to the User Data Deletion API to upload your user data list to delete to the Moloco Ingestion service. Refer to more detailed reference guides for Moloco User Data Deletion API requests and responses for developers. 
  4. Moloco will delete the uploaded data in a timely manner no later than 30 days from the upload date.


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