What is Moloco Ads?

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Moloco Ads enables advertisers to tap into billions of opportunities across the open internet. We are recognized as one of the best performing Demand-side platforms (DSPs) in the industry.


Exceptional performance

Moloco uses the advanced machine learning technology of deep neural networks (DNNs) to build flexible, custom models for every campaign. These models leverage both your first-party data and a myriad of contextual signals to make precise, data-informed decisions.

Unprecedented bid processing power

Moloco’s machine learning models update in real-time and are unique for each customer without the need for manual adjustments. These models make close to 8 million predictions per second and allow us to process close to 600 billion bid requests per day.

Automatic targeting

Moloco’s robust machine learning models leverage both first-party and contextual signals from more than 35 exchanges to find the right user, at the right time, for the right price.

Flexible budgeting

Access to first-party data lets us strategically allocate budgets to the best performing days and hours of the week to maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS).



Immense scalability

Moloco is capable of autonomously handling large amounts of traffic and requests from around the world outside the walled gardens. The open internet is our inventory.

Bias-free inventories

As a DSP provider without a Supply-side platform (SSP), Moloco is able to focus solely on maximizing advertiser return on investment (ROI) without any bias toward a particular publisher or exchange.

High processing capacity

We serve over 75 billion impressions every month.

Global reach

We give you access to over 35 ad exchanges with a wide variety of inventories in around 3 million mobile apps in more than 190 countries spanning 6 billion devices. 



Safe, transparent data

Moloco takes data privacy seriously and we have measures in place to prevent ad fraud and ensure your data stays safe.

Data security

Moloco Ads is equipped with certified anti-fraud protection, and we are compliant with global data privacy regulations. We store and transfer data in encrypted form at all times, and we never share data with other advertisers.

Data transparency

We provide access to publisher level data as well as log data to allow for in-depth analyses of campaign results.



Next steps

To learn more about the individual components of Moloco Ads, see Moloco Ads entities. To get started, see our quick start guide.

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