How to configure ad network permission settings for Adjust (Adjust Classic)

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If you are using Adjust Suite, see this guide instead.

Grant access to your dashboards and reports

We recommend granting Moloco access to your partner dashboard. It will enable Moloco to access your reports and guide you on your setup. Adjust offers flexible User Permission options in the Adjust dashboard. By granting access, adding users, and assigning roles, you can safely share your performance data with Moloco.

There are 3 different roles that can be assigned (Admin, Editor, Readers, and Custom).
You can also assign Editing and Reading roles to specific apps and trackers by choosing a Custom role. Please visit User permissions page on Adjust help center for more information. To grant Moloco access, please follow the steps below:


  1. Log in to your Adjust dashboard. Click on MENU > My Account on the left top corner of your Adjust dashboard and select your app.



  2. Click on the Users and then, ADD USER.



  3. Enter the email address under Create User. Move down the ROLE section, select the CUSTOM option. Once selected, toggle on Cost Data, Ad Revenue Data, and In-app Revenue data under FEATURE ACCESS.



  4. Once all toggled on, click on App Access and search your app and select your app. Click on the APPLY button at the bottom of the module once done.



  5. Click on CUSTOM and select your tracker. Make sure to click TOGGLE SELECTED "ON". This will allow the user to access your tracking URLs. Once done, click on APPLY at the left bottom of the module.



  6. All set! The user profile is created. You may adjust the user settings by clicking on the drop-down arrow in case of necessity.


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