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Connect your in-app data to Moloco

  1. Log in to your Adjust dashboard. Click on MENU > Apps on the left top corner of your Adjust dashboard and select your app. 



  2. Click on the arrow at the bottom, and click on Partner Setup under SET UP YOUR APP section.



  3. Click on ADD PARTNER at the bottom. Type Moloco by entering it in the search bar and add Moloco to your partner list by clicking on +.



  4. Once you complete step 3, it will open a partner configuration window with Moloco. Make sure to toggle ON Enabled and all the following tabs that are listed. Following is the explanation of each toggle:
    • Enabled: Each partner configuration with Adjust requires a primary setup. To successfully connect your in-app postback to Moloco, Enabled toggle must remain on.
    • In-App Revenue Forwarding: Toggling on this tab will allow you to track spend versus revenue data with Moloco. Note that this must be enabled for your ROAS optimization.
    • Parameter forwarding: Toggling on this tab will allow you to send required in-app parameters for your campaigns with Moloco.
    • Session forwarding: Sliding on this toggle will forward all in-app sessions to Moloco
    • Uninstall/Reinstall forwarding: Sliding in this toggle. In case you have already implemented the uninstall and reinstall events with Adjust.

    Please find here the list of all parameters forwarded to Moloco

    Once everything is toggled on, click on SAVE.



  5. Click on Event Linking, and FILL ALL WITH EVENT NAMES to auto-fill all fields. You may enter said values manually If you prefer to send certain events only and/or rename them. Please note that leaving events with an empty field will not send certain postback events to Moloco. Once completed, click on OK and finish the partner setup.



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