How to integrate cost data with AppsFlyer

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You must integrate cost data with your MMP to start sending your campaign's ad spend data to the MMP for reporting purposes. This guide walks you through how you can integrate cost data with AppsFlyer.


You must have access to ROI360, which is a premium feature, to be able to integrate cost data.

Step 1: Get your Moloco ad account ID and token ID.

You will need your Moloco ad account ID and your unique token ID to enable cost data sharing. To learn how to find your Moloco ad account ID, see this FAQ. To learn how to receive your unique token ID, see the report partner integration guide


Step 2: Enable cost data sharing.

From the same page where you created tracking links, click Cost.  Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 4.29.27 PM.png


Step 3: Enter your Moloco ad account ID and token ID. 

Toggle on Get cost data. For Moloco account ID, copy over your Moloco ad account ID. For Report IDs, copy over your token ID. Review and click Save Cost to starting sharing your ad spend data with AppsFlyer. You will be able to view your ad spend data on your AppsFlyer dashboard after a full day has passed. screenshot_2023-11-08_at_16.50.20.png


Next steps

You can give AppsFlyer dashboard access to your Moloco representative(s) to track and manage your campaign performance on your behalf. See the ad network permission guide for more details. 


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