How to set up postbacks with Branch

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Connect your in-app data to Moloco

  1. Log in to your Branch dashboard. Click on Ads > Partner Management.



  2. Search Moloco in the Ad Partners section on the left and click on the Save & Enable button at the bottom left.


  3. Once Moloco is enabled as your Ad Partner, click on the POSTBACK CONFIG tab. In this tab, you can find all the individual postbacks and add other postback events you want to send to Moloco. If you want to configure more postback, scroll down the screen and click on Add New Postback.


  4. Make sure to tick the checkboxes under ALL EVENTS column for the events you want to enable and confirm the configuration by clicking on the Save button at the bottom right.  

    Important: Checking the boxes under ALL EVENTS will allow Branch to forward Moloco both Moloco attributed, and non-attributed events including organic events. This is recommended to achieve the most optimal machine learning performance for your campaign optimization.  


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