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Links for app install campaigns

  1. Click Attribution link tab and scroll down to Moloco Attribution link. In this section, select the parameters you want to add to the attribution link. These parameters will enable you to break down and analyze your campaign performance with Moloco. Parameters that are already defined can be edited and you can also add new values here. Note that af_sub4 parameter is being utilized for Moloco attribution. Please refer to this page for the explanation of AppsFlyer attribution link structure and parameters.


  2. Scroll down and select your Click-Through Lookback Window. The window defines the maximum time from a click to install. AppsFlyer automatically populates the &af_click_lookback= parameter with the window you set. Please refer to the Lookback Window Configuration Page for further information.

    Once selected your Click-Through Lookback Window, scroll down to select your View-Through Lookback Window. AppsFlyer automatically populates the &af_viewthrough_lookback=xd parameter with the window you set. Please note that this View-Through Lookback Window only applies with regard to the deterministic attribution model. If you want to enable probabilistic view-through attribution with Moloco and set its lookback window, please contact your AppsFlyer CSM.


  3. Note that AppsFlyer doesn't automatically save your generated attribution links and it's important to copy your links and Save Attribution link. Make sure to check following parameters are included in your links before saving them: 
    • Media source &pid=
    • campaign name &c=
    • Ad set &af_adset=
    • Ad name &af_ad=

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