Creative management FAQs

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How often do we need to update and upload new creatives?

Try adding new creatives if your campaign's CTR decreases. Newly added creatives might cause a temporary spike in CPI or CPA. It takes our models time to optimize for new creatives.



How can I directly check how my ads are exposed in real inventories?

Make sure that your test device is in the target audience.

If the campaign type is app installs, ads won't be shown on devices that have already installed the app. If the campaign type is re-engagement, ads will be shown only on devices that have installed the app. Therefore, make sure to include the test device's ADID in the target audience and choose to install or delete the app.

It might be challenging to check your ads at the desired time and inventory, even if all of the target conditions are met. To check granular impression-level data, download the Inventory Impression History by Inventory on Moloco Cloud DSP. (It also includes the bid-level details for all impressions.) Just go to Analytics, then click Inventory Analysis.

We also offer log data, where you can check impression history. (For iOS devices, impression log data can only be verified with ATT opt-in.)


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