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The recommendations below for the campaign optimization may not be suitable for all cases. Reach out to your Moloco representative to consult the best strategy for your campaign.


How long does it take for Moloco to optimize our campaign?

That depends on what kind of event you're targeting. If you're targeting a lower-funnel event, our machine learning engine will need more time to gather and analyze data.

For example, the install optimization process usually takes 1–2 weeks, whereas a ROAS optimization campaign will take longer. We usually recommend 4–8 weeks to fully optimize ROAS campaigns.



Is it recommended to select an In-App Event or ROAS optimization goal without running an Install optimization campaign?

If the postback integration period of the app is less than 1 week, we recommend starting with an install optimization campaign. That will let you quickly check the performance of Moloco’s machine learning models.

In-app events and ROAS optimization campaigns are best if you're not heavily constrained by CPI unit prices. You'll need a postback integration period of 1–2 weeks before the campaign starts, and then need to wait for optimization after the campaign launches.



What is the difference between In-App Event optimization based on Purchase events and ROAS optimization?

If you want to improve your campaign's ROAS, use the ROAS optimization goal.

For an in-app event optimization campaign based on purchase events, we'll target users with a high probability of purchasing, regardless of the revenue from that purchase. In a ROAS campaign, you'll be optimizing for purchases' revenue.

Here's an example. For an in-app event campaign, users who make a $1 purchase are valued the same as users who purchase $5. For a ROAS campaign, users who make a $5 purchase are valued more.

Important: Revenue data must be sent via MMP postbacks to run a ROAS optimization campaign.



What are the requirements to run a ROAS Optimization Campaign?

ROAS optimization campaigns require full postbacks (both attributed and unattributed) for in-app purchase events with revenue value.


To maximize revenues, our ROAS model needs to gather the revenue value from each purchase. You can send revenue data to Moloco through MMP postbacks. If we don't get the revenue data, you can't run ROAS optimization campaigns. 

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