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Can we target people of a specific gender through our campaigns?

No, but Moloco's machine learning technology automatically targets the users who are most likely to contribute to your campaign optimization goals — regardless of their gender. If Moloco receives separate event postbacks like signup_female and signup_male, you can generate campaigns to optimize for each gender's actions.



Is ADID upload mandatory for Re-engagement campaign operation?

It's not mandatory. When you create a re-engagement campaign, Moloco automatically targets users who appear in the postback data at least once. If you want to show ads to users with specific other conditions, you can set up the App Activity (a postback-based custom audience) or upload the ADIDs of users you want. For a more detailed guide, check out Target Settings.



Is it recommended to block or target certain publishers?

To get the most from your campaigns, we don't recommend blocking or targeting specific publishers. Since Moloco's machine learning engine optimizes on a user level (not publisher level), we can find valuable users even if they showed up in low-performing publisher apps in the past.

Having the broadest possible reach is ideal. If you need to block a list of publishers for brand safety, consider blocking as few as possible.

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