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The recommendations below for the campaign budget may not be suitable for all cases. Reach out to your Moloco representative to consult the best strategy for your campaign.


What’s the recommended budget to optimize a campaign?

We recommend a daily budget of at least US$250.00–US$500.00 with 20–30 attributed key events per campaign. The more event data we receive, the more optimized the campaign will be. Avoid making big changes to the daily budget for at least 2 weeks.



How much of the budget can each campaign spend daily?

You can set your daily budget up to 200,000 USD per campaign. However, you also can scale up the campaign by using multiple ad spaces in RTB with all recommended creative sizes and formats — so there's no limit to how much can be spent. To set a budget of 200,000 USD or more per day, contact your Moloco representative.

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