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How can I see the performance by creative group / publisher level?

Go to the Analytics tab. In the Creative Analysis section, you'll find performance by creative group.

You can also review performance for each inventory in Inventory Analysis. To break down the report using multiple variables, go to the Report tab. Then click Columns and select the fields you want (like creative groups or inventory) from the Levels section.



Why can't I see the CPA and Action for campaigns?

We provide CPA and Action metrics only for campaigns having an in-app event optimization goal. 

You can utilize Conversion metrics for campaigns with optimization goals other than in-app events. Conversion can be set by selecting your in-app events from the Additional Settings > Conversion Setting while setting up or editing a campaign. The conversion setting is editable while campaigns are running and the campaign data before the change will be updated with the changed event data as well. Note that it may take up to 24 hours for the changed setting to be reflected in the actual report.



How can I transfer Moloco campaign data to our analytics partner / our internal analysis tool?

There are 2 integration methods:

1) Integrate with Moloco report partner: Moloco provides a seamless integration with report partners. Refer to the Report partner integration article to find a detailed integration guide and list of all supported partners.
2) Use Moloco Report API: In addition to our Analytics dashboard, we also offer a Report API that you can use to pull campaign reports for internal analysis. Find more information in the Report API integration article.

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