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I can't upload the creative. How can I resolve the issue?

Make sure your creative aligns with the specs in the Moloco creative guide. Users often can't upload a creative because it doesn't match one of these specs:

1. Creative file size
2. Creative dimensions
3. Creative file extension
4. Video length

If you keep seeing the error message after adjusting your creative specs, contact us. Please provide full screenshots of the page and a detailed summary of what you've tried.



What's the creative group and how do I use it?

A creative group is like a folder for your creative assets. With the creative group, you can set up schedules and analyze the data for each group. Also, you can reduce the time by reusing the existing creative group for multiple campaigns.
The most common standard for grouping creatives is based on concepts. For example, if there are sets of dark and bright creatives that you want to run on different dates of the month, you can make Group A for the dark and Group B for the bright assets and schedule each creative group accordingly.



Can I schedule to turn on/off creative groups at a specific time?

Yes. Select Set a schedule under the Start/End Schedule while creating or editing creative groups in Moloco Cloud DSP. You can specify the schedule for each creative group.

Click  next to Day/Time Schedule to expand the option. You can adjust the schedule for each day as well.




How do I set up MMP Report group ID in the creative group?

If you want to separate the MMP report data by the group name you specify for a certain creative group, set up MMP Report group ID under the Additional settings within a creative group setting page.


  1. Under MMP Report group ID on the creative group setting page, set the group name you want to see on the MMP dashboard. Only lower case letters and "_" can be used and other special characters or spaces are not permitted.  Learn how to set up a creative group
  2. Append &MMP_parameter_you_want=%{report_group}to the tracking link. You need to set MMP_parameter_you_want as the MMP parameter you want to analyze with. For example, if you are using Appsflyer and want to analyze the registered MMP Report group ID with af_adset, append &af_adset=%{report_group} to the tracking link.

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