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When is the right time to try campaigns with a new optimization goal?

To start with an install optimization campaign and then launch a ROAS or in-app optimization campaign later, start the second campaign after 2 weeks of postback integration or 2 weeks after the launch of your install optimization campaign. Doing so will make sure that you have enough in-app data.



What should be considered when making significant changes in the budget?

When there's a drastic increase to the campaign budget, there might be spikes in CPI, CPA, or other important metrics. Additionally, a drastic budget change might also cause overspending or underspending issues. We recommend changing the budget within 30% of the current budget and keeping in mind that it can take a few days for campaign performance to stabilize after the budget change. 



What happens if we modify target settings of a running campaign?

Our machine learning model will restart its optimization if you change the target settings while the campaign is running. Therefore, we don't recommend changing the target settings — it can create drastic changes in inventories or target audiences, and hurt performance. If the change is necessary, wait for the model to optimize with the new targeting.



Can I restart a campaign that has been in "Completed" status? How long will it take to resume the campaign?

Change the end date of the campaign to sometime in the future. This will change the campaign status from "Completed" to "Paused", but note that the change would take some time(approx. 1 - 2 hours). Then, you'll be able to activate the campaign again. It should resume within an hour.

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