Creative preparation FAQs

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The recommendations below for the creative may not be suitable for all cases. Reach out to your Moloco representative to consult the best strategy for your campaign.


Is uploading all of the creative formats a must-do for our campaign?

We strongly recommend using all creative formats (image, video, and native) for the target country. Each ad inventory supports different creative formats, so missing creative formats can mean missed opportunities to show your ads on high-performing inventories. Check Moloco Creative Guide for the creative specs that we recommend.



How many creative concepts do we need to upload per campaign?

It depends on your budget. It can be difficult to expose a lot of different creative concepts with a limited budget. For starters, we suggest uploading 2 or 3 concepts with all creative formats (image, video, and native). To maximize performance, it's more important to use all formats than it is to create multiple concepts.

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