Cloud DSP Release Note (21.08.16)

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MOLOCO Cloud Release Note

There has been an update of features for MOLOCO Cloud which has been released on August 16, 2021. 


New Features

Language Targeting 

  • You can now set language targeting within Custom Targets. (This is based on the user's device language settings).
  • You can search by the language or the language code and select the languages you want to target from the drop down menu provided. ___________2021-08-11______6.11.28.png


Exchange Include Option

  • There has been an include option that has been added to target specific exchanges in the placement settings within custom targets.


Updated Features

Custom Target UI Update

    • There has been an update in the target settings UI to be able to view both the include and exclude options at once. 
    • There will be an error message shown in the case that there is no target audience due to an overlap of the same target set in both the Include and Exclude section. 

      Note: You cannot target English in the include section as well as English in the exclude section of the Language Targeting at the same time. ___________2021-08-11______6.31.03.png



Our MOLOCO Cloud team continues to strive to provide the best service with regular feature updates and improvements.


Thank you,

MOLOCO Cloud Team

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