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How to apply & optimize with the Average Daily Budget feature


The Average Daily Budget setting will utilize the Average Daily Budget Optimizer which will optimize the campaign to spend on the best days and times of the week. The daily spend may vary up to 50% of the average daily budget, but will not spend more than 7x your average daily budget within a week (Monday to Sunday). The Average Daily Budget Optimizer has shown an average 10% increase in performance compared to the fixed daily mode, as it allows more flexibility for Moloco’s machine learning models to take full advantage of better bidding opportunities.

By allowing more flexibility in spending the daily budget, the campaign is able to take advantage of the different opportunities presented with RTB (real-time bidding). Enabling this option allows an increase or decrease in spending based on the day of week along with real-time bidding to optimize the campaign's performance. 

The setup or change can be made in your campaign settings under the Budget & Schedule settings. You can also update the budget and budget mode of your campaigns in the overview section of your workplace. You can also refer to the campaign settings guide for reference.Screen_Shot_2022-08-25_at_10.37.00_AM.png 

  • Use the Average Daily Budget Optimizer in your existing campaigns to ensure spending on the most optimal times and days of the week. 


Example: If your weekly budget is $700, set the average daily budget of $100. Spending will not exceed a total of $700 in one calendar week. Some of those days we may spend up to $150, and some days we may spend less than $100. This chart gives a simplified example of how we might spend total budget of $700. The solid blue line shows the overall trend of daily spending. The stars represent the actual budget spent on a given day, which adds up to $700 and averages out to $100 per day.




Campaign budget changes during the week

In the case that the Average Daily Budget is updated during the week, the total weekly budget is recalculated based on the new Average Daily Budget and the remaining days within that week.
  • For example, if the Average Daily Budget is set to $100 from Monday to Wednesday and the budget is increased to $200 on Thursday at 12:00 AM, the budget cap for the remaining days of the week will be reset to $800 (=$200*4). Regardless of how much the campaign has spent before the change (Mon-Wed), the campaign will not spend more than $800 for the remainder of the week (Thu-Sun).

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