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This article will define the status and meaning of each Creative group, as well as explain how to troubleshoot any issues. 

You may check status of each creative group from the creative group list. Any issues with the creative group will be listed as well as the campaigns that are associated with that creative group. 

Creative Group Status

There are 2 statuses for Creative Groups

Term Definition
 Active This creative group is running properly in one (or more) live campaigns.
 Inactive This creative group is not live.


Reason for an Inactive Status & How to Troubleshoot

Creative groups may have more than one reason as to why their status is inactive. 

You can find out the detailed reason of the status by hovering over the status column. Here is a detailed explanation of each reason as well as how to troubleshoot the issue: 

Reason Explanation How to Troubleshoot
No Creative There are no creatives in that creative group Learn how to add creatives to creatives groups
No Ad Group This creative group has not been added to any ad group(s) Add the creative groups to the ad groups within the campaigns you wish to add the creative groups to
Day/Time Scheduled This creative group is currently not schedule to run (but may be scheduled to run at a future time)

Learn how to edit creative group scheduling

Campaign/Ad Group Issue The creative group settings are correct. However, the campaign or ad group associated with the creative group may be inactive.

Check your campaign settings and ad groups that contain that creative group to make sure their settings are correct   

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