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Learn how to receive and configure notifications about your ad account and campaigns in your Workplace. 


  1. Click the notification icon at the top right corner of the dashboard to check the notifications in your Workplace. The notification alert will be shown here along with the number of active notifications.


  2. Check the notifications for each campaign within each ad account. Currently, a notification will be sent for the following cases:

    • Extend your A/B test period
    • There is no ‘On’ Ad Group in the ‘On’ Campaign.
    • Announcement
    • No postbacks in the last 24 hours
    • Campaign status changes (Ready, End)
  3. You can change your notification settings by clicking the gear button on the notification window.


  4. Users can configure their own notification settings by turning on/off the notification settings for each ad account, item, or channel to receive notifications.___________2022-07-27______5.12.58.png


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