LAT/DNT targeting

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Moloco Cloud DSP provides target options to control over whether to show your ads on LAT/DNT devices. This article covers the definition of LAT/DNT and how to configure the targeting options for your campaign.


What's LAT/DNT? 

Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) or Do Not Track (DNT) is a feature that allows users to opt-out of sending advertising IDs (IDFA/ADID) from their device. When LAT/DNT is enabled on a user's device, it's not possible to collect the advertising ID and retarget the user with it.


Configure LAT/DNT targeting options


  • Only available for app install (user acquisition) campaigns.
  • You need to enable the probabilistic attribution for Moloco in your MMP settings. Since advertising ID can't be collected on LAT/DNT devices, you can only measure conversions from LAT/DNT devices through the probabilistic attribution method, not through the ID matching(deterministic attribution method).
  1. Select your ad account from the drop-down menu on the top left.
  2. Click + Create Campaign button to set up a new campaign. Or click   Edit button on the campaign home to edit one of your existing campaigns.
  3. Find LAT/DNT targeting options under Additional Settings on the campaign settings page.


All Devices (Recommended)

This targeting option targets all devices regardless of the LAT/DNT status of user devices.


Only LAT/DNT On Device 

This targeting option targets users who have enabled LAT/DNT on their devices. That being said, we only show ads to devices that do not have an advertising ID (IDFA/ADID). 


Only LAT/DNT Off Devices 

This targeting option targets users who don't enable LAT/DNT on their devices. That being said, we only show ads to devices that have an advertising ID(IDFA/ADID). 

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