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Moloco Cloud DSP provides target options to control whether to show your ads on LAT devices. This article covers the definition of LAT and how to configure the targeting options for your campaign.


What's LAT? 

Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) is a feature that allows users to opt out of sending advertising IDs (IDFA/ADID) from their devices. When LAT is enabled on a user's device, it's not possible to collect the advertising ID and retarget the user with it.


Configure LAT targeting options


  • Only available for app install (user acquisition) campaigns.
  • You need to enable the probabilistic attribution for Moloco in your MMP settings. Since advertising ID can't be collected on LAT devices, you can only measure conversions from LAT devices through the probabilistic attribution method, not through the ID matching(deterministic attribution method).
  1. Select your ad account from the drop-down menu on the top left.
  2. Select which app to add a campaign.
  3. Click + Create Campaign button to set up a new campaign. Or click   Edit button on the campaign home to edit one of your existing campaigns.
  4. Find LAT targeting options under Additional Settings on the campaign settings page.


All Devices (Recommended)

This targeting option targets all devices regardless of the LAT status of user devices.


Only LAT On Device 

This targeting option targets users who have enabled LAT on their devices. That being said, we only show ads to devices that do not have an advertising ID (IDFA/ADID). 


Only LAT Off Devices 

This targeting option targets users who don't enable LAT on their devices. That being said, we only show ads to devices that have an advertising ID(IDFA/ADID). 

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