Cloud DSP Release note (20.07.03)

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MOLOCO Cloud V2.0 was released on July 7, 2020 (PST). This updated version has improved upon the overall usability of the platform from the feedback provided from V1. In addition, new features such as setting Ad Accounts, providing In- App Event Optimization options and bulk editing of creatives have been added. 


NEW V2.0 Screen

  • Home>App home 


Main UX Adjustments

  1. Change in structure to center around the Ad Account (Advertiser), which allows users to easily understand the relationship between the different menu options.
  2. Home & Overview Dashboards that provide an overall performance check of the status for the Ad Account, Application(s), Campaign(s) that can be easily monitored. 
  3. One-Step Campaign creation that allows all campaign related settings from registering an Application to uploading creatives to setting targets to be done in the campaign setting section. 


New Features

  • Ad Account (Advertiser) added
  • User access / management depending on Workplace / Ad account & Role (Owner/User)  
  • Improvement of the App (Product) registration feature
  • Postback Dashboard added to check the integration as well as the incoming postback data
  • In App Event Optimization option added to the App Install Type, providing a total of 5 campaign optimization options 
  • Overview / Highlight / Key Performance Trend Dashboard added to monitor additional campaign trends and performance metrics
  • Bulk Creative Registration / Modification + function to upload Zip Files
  • Log data transfer (to AWS)  
  • MOLOCO Cloud Customer Help Center + User Guide 


Thank you,

MOLOCO Cloud team

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