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Report Interface & Properties

The detailed campaign performance by app, campaign, ad group, creative group, OS or Inventory can be found in the Report Summary section of each Ad Account. These results may be downloaded in the form of a CSV file.




Menu Description

Select the time period of the data you want to see. You can select a specific day/week/month/quarter or set a the time range to the last 7/14/30 days. You may also select the duration based on the start and end date of the campaign. The maximum period of time that can be is set is 180 days.



For the level, select the Application, Campaign, Ad Group, Creative Group, OS, Country, or LAT by which you want to view the data in the Report Summary. It is possible to select multiple items.


Term Description
App Application (Application id)
Campaign Campaign Title (Campaign id)
Ad Group Ad group Title (Ad Group id) 
Creative Group Creative Group Title (Creative Group id)
Creative Creative Title

Device OS


Country 3-digit ISO country code
LAT Target LAT(Limit Ad Tracking)/DNT(Do not Track) ON/OFF
Exchange AD Exchange 
Inventory Type

Type of inventory


  • Inventory - App Bundle : App bundle id (Store id) of publisher inventory
  • Inventory - App title : App title of publisher inventory 

Tip: The title (or name) of each item is the title set by the user except OS, campaign type and country. Use clear and simple naming conventions to be able to easily search the performance of each section. 


Check the performance metrics of the campaign depending on the level and time period selected. You can select only the following metrics:


Term Description
Impression Total count of impressions
Click Total count of clicks
Install Total count of installs

Total count of actions*

*Action: an event selected as a goal of an in-app event optimization campaign.


Total count of conversions*

*Conversion: selected event of conversions setting

Spend Total ad spending (=Cost)
CTR The ratio of click to impression (=Click Through Rate, Click/Impression*100) 

(=Install Per Mile)

This is an indicator that shows the number of impressions per install/1000. It is similar to the i2i (Impression to Install) ratio and the better the performance, the higher it appears.

CPC Cost per click (=Cost Per Click=spend/install)
CPI  Cost per 1 install (=Cost Per Install=spend/install) 

Cost per 1 action* (=Cost Per Action=spend/action)

*Action: an event selected as a goal of an in-app event optimization campaign.


Select the time period of the campaign for which you want to see the performance. 

Term Description
Date You can check the performance for a specific day. 

You can add in-app events you want to see in additional columns.


Important: The data shown in the Report Summary is the sum of the overall data (snapshot) from the selected time period.


Term Description

Additional filters may be applied to the displayed results for a more detailed search that meets the set conditions set.

  • is/is not: You can set is or is not conditions for one of the following items: App, Campaign, Ad Group or Creative Group in the LEVEL section. 


  • Arithmetic Operator (>,<,=,>=,=<): Set the conditions using arithmetic operators to filter items in the METRIC section.


Tip: Use the advanced search settings to check the results of specific conditions such as campaigns with more than 10 daily installs or campaigns that spend more than $100 per day.

  CSV Download the data that is displayed in a CSV file. Click to start the download.




  1. Select the Ad Account you want to review the Report Summary for.
  2. Select the Reports menu option.
  3. Select the timezone and date range of the data you want to see and select the LEVEL and METRICS you want to view from the COLUMN button.
  4. To check the (daily) data for a specific date, select the exact date in the TIME
  5. Additional filters in the Report Summary are only available when certain conditions have been met. 
  6. Drag and drop the columns displayed in the Report Summary to change their order between the LEVEL and METRIC sections.
  7. Select the checkbox in the columns to sort the data by ascending or descending order.  

Important: The data starts to be processed every time the conditions are changed. The time to process the data may take longer the more specific or detailed the data conditions are or the longer the date range is.


Downloading the Report 

  1. Select the Ad Account you want to review the Report Summary for.
  2. Select the Reports menu option.
  3. Select the data you wish to see by LEVEL, METRIC, Timezone & Calendar and Filter. 
  4. Click the   CSV button in the upper right to download the Report Summary results displayed. 

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