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MMP tracking links are required to track users' journey from ad engagement to in-app action. In this article, you'll learn how to register and set up tracking links in your campaign.


Register a new tracking link

Note: You need to register separate tracking links for different operating systems (Android and iOS).

  1. Select your ad account from the drop-down menu on the left.

  2. Click Assets from the left sidebar menu. 

  3. Click Tracking Links tab.
  4. Click Create button.

  5. Select the app you'd like to set the tracking link for and input the requested information such as title and tracking company.

  6. Input click tracking link and view tracking link created by your MMP. 
    • Click Tracking Link: Input the click tracking link (mandatory) 
    • View Tracking Link: Input the impression tracking link (optional)

    Tip: We highly recommend setting up your view tracking link for better campaign optimization. Without the view tracking link, postback data required for optimization will be limited, causing a decrease in the campaign's effectiveness.

  7. The parameters and values within the tracking link will be automatically populated under the registered tracking link. If you modify the value of a parameter, the tracking link will be updated accordingly. Screenshot_2023-05-25_at_9.00.46_PM.png
  8. Click Create button to create the tracking link.

  9. To edit a previously registered tracking link,  click Edit button on the list.


Set up tracking links in your campaign

You can set up a tracking link either at the campaign level or the creative group level. The creative group-level tracking link is an optional setting and overrides the campaign-level tracking link.


Campaign-level tracking link setting

Select the registered tracking link under Tracking Link while you create a new campaign. Refer to Campaign Settings for more detailed steps to set up a new campaign.



Creative group-level tracking link setting

While creating a new creative group, select the registered tracking link you want to set for each creative group to see more granular MMP reporting data by the creative group's tracking link. Refer to Creative Group Settings for more detailed steps to set up a new creative group.



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