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Let's learn how to register and edit a new app in Moloco Ads.


Register a new app

Before setting up your campaign, you must register your app with the correct app information and MMP bundle ID. If the app you want to run a campaign with has already been registered, you may skip this step.

  1. Select your Ad account from the drop-down menu on the top left corner.

  2. Click the Assets menu from the sidebar. 

  3. On the Apps page, click Create Button. Once the New App page loads, select the OS and Market of your app. Note that you should create a separate app with each OS(Android and iOS) even for the same app title.

  4. Search for your app by the app name, bundle ID, store URL, or enter manually. 

  5. After selecting the app, we'll automatically set information in the table below according to the Google Play or App Store. However, in order to register apps for third-party app stores such as One Store and Galaxy Store, you must click Other app markets (Onestore and Galaxy store) and set each of the following items manually. 
    Terms Description
    Title The name of your app. We recommend setting a title that is clear and easy to distinguish since all campaign entities will be created under each app's title.
    Description (Optional)  You can add a description, in addition to the app title, if needed. 
    Domain (Optional)

    Ad exchanges verify each advertiser using the domain information before publishing the ads to their inventories. 

    The value of this field is automatically populated by Moloco. If you must update the value, reach out to your Moloco representative for assistance.

    App market URL

    Input the Google Play Store, App Store, or 3rd party store URL for the app. For example: (Google Play Store) (Apple App Store) 

    Note: For apps released in multiple countries, exclude the region or language code from the URL to avoid registering an app associated with only one region (for example: &hl=en, ko/app/idxxxxx).

    App market bundle

    Input your app ID registered in the App Store. You can find the Google Play Store ID after the ?id= of the URL, and the Apple App Store ID after id.
    e.g.) com.molocoads (Android) / 111110100 (iOS)


    IAB category is a classification of the app category based on the IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy. 

    Content rating

    Content rating information in Google Play or App Store. We use this information when bidding on some exchange partners.

    Developer name

    The developer's name in Google Play or App Store. The developer name will be shown in some Native Ads.

  6. Select the MMP (Mobile Measurement Partner) you partnered with. 
    Important: Selecting Adjust as your MMP displays Universal link host and Branded link host where you can enter the host value for your Universal and Branded links respectively. You must enter the host value to be able to successfully register Universal and Branded links.
  7. Enter your MMP Bundle ID. If you don't know the MMP Bundle ID for your app, check this FAQ: How can I find MMP bundle ID? 
    Important: Make sure to register the correct MMP bundle ID. We use this as a key to receive postback data from MMPs. For Appsflyer, your Normal tracking link's app_id value must be identical to the MMP bundle ID.
  8. Click Create to finish the app registration. Double-check the OS and MMP information since you can't modify them once the app is registered.
  9. You may edit the app by selecting the Edit button from the app list.


App review process

All apps registered in Moloco Ads go through a review process. If an app seems to have no apparent relation to the ad account, we may request additional information. 


Review status

Status Explanation
Under Review

We're in the process of reviewing the app. The review process may take up to 24 hours.


The app has passed the review and is now active.

Once the app's status becomes active, check the postback dashboard then set up a campaign.


 The app has been rejected upon review.

Note:  You can check the reason for the rejection by hovering over  icon next to the status. If you want to request an additional review, contact your Moloco representative or submit a ticket.


Check app status

After registering your app, you can check the review status on the app list page.

  1. Select your Ad account from the drop-down menu on the top left corner.

  2. Click the Assets menu from the sidebar. 

  3. On the Apps page, you can see the status of all apps registered under the ad account.


Check postback dashboard

In the postback dashboard, you can see the total number of attributed/unattributed event postbacks being sent to Moloco. We recommend double-checking the event numbers and ensuring all necessary events are properly integrated.


Go to postback dashboard

  1. Select your Ad account from the drop-down menu on the top left corner.
  2. Click the Assets menu from the sidebar. 
  3. On the Apps page, click the title of the app.
  4. Under App Detail page, you'll see Postback Dashboard
  5. You can select Today or Last 30 days from the drop-down on the right upper corner.
    Time Period Explanation Renewal Period
    Today Sum of all attributed/unattributed(organic) events Moloco received today. Refreshed every hour
    Last 30 Days Sum of all attributed/unattributed(organic) events Moloco received in the past 30 days. Refreshed every hour

    Important: The data on the postback dashboard is aggregated based on UTC timezone.


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