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Setting up your ad account is the first step to getting a campaign ready on Moloco Ads. If you are a self-billing customer and have created a workplace, you should already have an ad account. The steps outlined in this guide are for creating additional ad accounts. Note that some ad account settings can't be modified after the ad account has been created. 


Create a new ad account

If this is your first time running a campaign on Moloco Ads, you can use the ad account that was automatically created with your workplace. If you would like to create additional ad accounts, follow the steps below.

Tip: Ad accounts are for billing and reporting purposes. If you would like to receive separate invoices per team or set different timezones and currencies for your campaigns, you should create different ad accounts for each team or setting. 

  1. Click the Ad account drop-down menu on the top left corner.
  2. Click New Ad Account. This takes you to New Ad Account where you can configure settings for the ad account. 
  3. Enter the following information. All fields are required unless otherwise specified. 
    Field Description
    Title Enter a title for the ad account. We recommend including the ad account's information — such as timezone, currencies, and billing information — in the title to tell apart from other ad accounts. We use the ad account title on the dashboard, and for reporting and troubleshooting purposes. You can enter up to 50 characters.
    Description You can enter a description of the ad account. You can enter up to 200 characters.
    Timezone Select a timezone. The campaign budget spending, reporting, and billing will use the specified timezone.
    Currency Select a currency. You can choose from one of the following: USD, KRW, JPY, GBP, or EUR. 

    Important: You can't edit Timezone or Currency after the ad account has been created.

    Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 5.34.29 PM.png

  4. A billing account is automatically created when you first sign up and create a workplace. If this is the only billing account in the workplace, it is automatically selected for Connect Billing Account. When there are multiple billing accounts in the workplace, leave this blank and your Moloco representative will assign a billing account on your behalf after you have created the ad account. 


    Moloco issues invoices by billing account. If you need to change the currency of your invoice or receive separate invoices for each of your ad accounts, reach out to your Moloco representative to create a new billing account.

  5. Double-check the information you have entered and click Create.


Frequently asked questions

Can I update the timezone after an ad account has been created?

No, you won't be able to update the timezone after an ad account has been created. Be sure to double-check the timezone before creating the ad account.


How do I find the ad account ID?

  1. Sign in to Moloco Ads and click Ad account settings below your profile.  Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_4.18.09_PM.png
  2. You can find your ad account ID under Ad Account Info. Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_11.28.34_AM.png

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