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Setting up your ad account is the first step to getting a campaign ready on Moloco Cloud DSP. Please be careful, as some of the ad account options can't be modified once set in place. 


Create a new ad account

If this is your first time running a campaign on Moloco Cloud DSP, start by creating an ad account. Skip this step if you have an existing ad account to run your campaigns.

Tip: Ad account is the standard for billing and reporting. Create different ad accounts if you need to separate invoices per team or if you would like to set different timezones and currencies for your campaigns. 

  1. Click the  Home button on the left.
  2. Click the drop-down menu on the top left corner.
  3. Click New Ad Account button.
  4. On the page below, enter Title and Description(Optional). Then select Timezone and CurrencyYour campaign operates based on this information.

    Important: You can't edit the Timezone or Currency once the ad account is created.


    Terms Description
    Title We recommend including each ad account's differences — such as timezone, currencies, and billing information — in the ad account title for easier recognition. We'll use the ad account title for the dashboard, reporting, and troubleshooting purposes.
    Description You can add a description if needed. 
    Timezone The campaign budget spending, reporting, and billing will follow the set timezone.
    Currency You can choose between the following currencies: USD, KRW, JPY, GBP, or EUR.
  5. Select the billing account from the drop-down menu under Connect Billing Account. A billing account is automatically created when Workplace is created, and we'll issue an invoice per billing account. 

    Note: If you need to change the currency of your invoice or separate invoices per ad account, reach out to your Moloco representative to create a new billing account.

  6. Double-check the information and click Create button to create a new ad account.

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