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Learn how to create a new target to use for your Moloco Cloud DSP campaigns. You can specify your target audience by multiple variables — in-app activity, location, language, device, and placement.


Create a new target

  1. Select your ad account from the drop-down menu on the left.

  2. Click Assets from the left sidebar menu.

  3. Click Targets tab. 

  4. Click Create button on the right.

  5. Input the name of your target audience under Title and set up your desired target conditions in Audience, Device, and Placement sections. 

    Note: In the case that Audience, Device, and Placement conditions have been set, the ads will be shown to users who satisfied all of the set conditions. 

    Target options

    Audience Custom Audience Include/exclude a custom audience using MMP app events or ADID list. 


    Select the audience’s main language that is set on their device.

    Location (Beta)

    Target based on state/city/zip code in the United States or city/gun(군) in Korea. This is a Beta feature currently available for KOR and USA. 

    Device Operating System Select the OS versions to target for each OS. 
    Network Target users connected to Wi-fi.
    Placement Publisher App Include/exclude selected publishers (app bundles).
    Publisher App Category Include/exclude selected IAB category.
    Exchange Include/exclude selected Ad Exchanges.
  6. Once all settings are complete, click the Create button to save your target.

  7. To edit an existing target, click the  Edit button on the list.

  8. Add the created target to your desired Ad Group within the Campaign. Learn how to add targets to an ad group.


Audience section

In the Audience section, you can include/exclude Custom Audiences by using MMP in-app events or ADID list as well as specify the device language or location (Beta).


Custom Audience

You can set Custom Audience for re-engagement campaigns to target specific users who have done specific in-app activities. For example, you can target users who have installed the app within 30 days but haven't opened the app within 7 days. Note that this is an optional setting since we automatically target your existing app users we've seen in MMP event postbacks when you run re-engagement campaigns.


  1. Users who meet Any of the following criteria option uses OR to connect each condition.
  2. Users who meet All of the following criteria option uses AND to connect each condition.
  3. Under the App and Event, you can build a target audience based on your App and MMP event. The period for app events can be set up to the recent 90 days.
  4. Under the User lists, you can either select existing user lists previously created or create a new user list by uploading ADID list CSV file (template download). We recommend using this feature if you want to include/exclude your existing users before the MMP postback integration with Moloco. 
How are the Custom Audience conditions combined if I add multiple app events or user lists?

If you select Any of the following criteria option and set 4 conditions as the following screenshot, we'll create target audiences who meet any of the 4 conditions: 

  • Users who added to cart within 7 days OR purchased items within 7 days OR users in the “USER LIST A” OR users in the "USER LIST B"


If you select All of the following criteria option and set 4 conditions as the following screenshot, we'll create target audiences who meet all of the 4 conditions: 

  • Users who achieved level 20 within 30 days AND purchased items within 30 days AND included in the “USER LIST A” AND included in the “USER LIST B”




In the case you want to target specific language used in your creative, set Language target. We target based on the user's device language settings.


Location (Beta)

In the Location Targeting (Beta), you can select the desired location in terms of state/city/zip code for the United States and city(시)/Gun(군) for Korea. This is a Beta feature currently available for KOR and USA. 


Device section

In the Device section, you can select the desired OS version (for both Android and iOS) or only target Wi-Fi users. 


Placement section

In the Placement section, you can include/exclude a certain Publisher App, Publisher App Category, or Exchange to show your ads.

  • Publisher App: Input the app bundle of the publisher you'd like to include or exclude. Note that the drop-down menu is not available for publishers. You can copy and paste a list of App bundle IDs separated by commas or spaces to input multiple app bundles at once.
  • Publisher App Category: Include/exclude the publisher app category. The option is based on IAB Category.
  • Exchange: Include/exclude the exchange.
Is it recommended to block or target certain publishers?

To get the most from your campaigns, we don't recommend blocking or targeting specific publishers. Since Moloco's machine learning engine optimizes on a user level (not publisher level), we can find valuable users even if they showed up in low-performing publisher apps in the past.

Having the broadest possible reach is ideal. If you need to block a list of publishers for brand safety, consider blocking as few as possible.


Create User Lists

You can upload a fixed list of ADIDs through a User Lists menu. 

    1. Select your ad account from the drop-down menu on the left.

    2. Click Assets tab

    3. Click User Lists menu from the left sidebar menu. 

    4. Click Create button on the right.

    5. Input the name of your user list under Title, select the OS.

      Important: The OS you selected must match the OS of the ADIDs uploaded. 
    6. Click or drag & drop to browse the ADID list file. Only CSV formats will be accepted and the ADIDs must be listed in the first column as shown in the example below.

      User list template download


    7. Once the upload is complete, the total number of accepted ADIDs will be displayed on the screen. ADIDs with spaces or blank lines will be considered invalid and removed from the final count. However, ADIDs from another OS or duplicate ADIDs can be included.


    8. Click Create button to create a User List.
    9. While the User List is uploading to Moloco Cloud platform, the status will appear as Preparing. Once the status changes to Ready, the User List is ready to be used in a campaign.
    10. To modify and check the previously created User List, click  Edit button on the list.
    11. You can't immediately use the created User List for your campaign. Using the User List, create a Target and add the target into an ad group within the campaign. Learn how to add targets to an ad group.


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