Set up and launch a campaign

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You can create and launch different types of campaigns with different optimization goals on Moloco Ads. 


Create a new campaign 


  1. Select your ad account from the drop-down menu on the top left of your screen.
  2. Select your app from the left sidebar. You must have an app to be able to create a campaign. To learn how to create and register an app, see Register your app

    Important: You must create separate campaigns for each operating system (e.g., Android, iOS, etc.). Campaigns listed under an app uses the app's OS.

  3. Click + Create Campaign.
  4. Select Create new campaign from the options that appear. Alternatively, you can copy over an existing campaign or continue from where you left off during the campaign creation process.
  5. Under Campaign Goal, you can choose between User Acquisition and Re-engagement. Select one of the optimization goals that appear below the campaign type of your choice. To learn more about the available campaign types and optimization goals, see Choose the right campaign goal. 

    Important: For re-engagement campaigns, following Apple's iOS 14 policy update, the size of your retargeting audience on iOS may not be big enough depending on the opt-in rate of users of iOS 14.5+ on your app as well as the publisher app.

  6. Some of the optimization goals require you to specify additional settings such as Bid Control Priority or App Event. For more information, see Choose the right campaign goal. Screenshot_2023-05-23_at_5.51.08_PM.png

  7. You can take advantage of Advanced Settings. The following options are available at this time. 
    • [For user acquisition campaigns only] LAT targeting: You can specify whether to target devices that disallow collecting ADID. The default setting is All devices, as it is the recommended setting for maximizing your campaign's reach. To learn more about all available LAT targeting settings, see LAT targeting
    • [For select iOS apps only] SKAdNetwork Settings: You can check and modify SKAdNetwork-related settings specific to iOS campaigns. To learn more about eligibility and available settings, see SKAdNetwork traffic settings.


  8. Click Next, and under Countries, select one or more countries you would like to target. Depending on your selections, one of the following campaign modes is automatically selected.
    • One campaign - One country: This option is selected for you when you choose only one country, and creates a single campaign targeting a single country.
    • One campaign - Multi countries: This option is selected for you when you choose more than one country, and creates a single campaign targeting all countries you have selected. You won't be able to specify different campaign profiles, budget amounts, and schedules by country. 

      Important: Be sure that you intend to use the same campaign settings for all countries you have selected. You won't be able to retroactively switch to Multi-Campaigns - Multi countries after the campaign has been created.

    • Multi campaigns - Multi countries: You can select this option when you choose more than one country to create a campaign for each country you have selected. This option lets you specify different campaign profiles, budget amounts, and schedules by country. 

    Important: To ensure optimal performance, we recommend pairing the languages used in your creatives with those of your target countries. Note that performance may be unstable immediately after you have made changes to your target selections.

  9. Click Next, and under Basic Info, enter a title and an optional description for your campaign. For campaign title, we recommend including app name, OS, campaign type, and country to easily tell apart different campaigns. If creating multiple campaigns targeting multiple countries, you can click the Set by country toggle to enter different titles by country. 
  10. Under Budget & Schedule, specify a budget amount for your campaign. If creating multiple campaigns targeting multiple countries, you can click the Set by country toggle to enter different budget amounts by country. You can choose one of the following budget types. 
    Budget type Description
    Average Daily Budget [Recommended] This option uses the Average Daily Budget Optimizer to allocate weekly budget to the best performing days and hours of the week. Daily spend can vary up to 50% of the average daily budget, but doesn't exceed seven times your average daily budget amount. Under this setting, our models can spend the designated budget amount to enhance campaign performance by each day of week. What this means is that if you allocate an average daily budget of $100, your campaign isn't going to spend $100 each day from Monday through Sunday as it would under a fixed daily budget. Instead, you might see that ad spend is below $100 on Mondays and over $100 on Sundays, for example. For a detailed illustration of how this works, see Average Daily Budget Optimizer.
    Fixed - Daily This option lets you allocate a fixed amount to spend every day of the week.
    Fixed - Day of Week This option lets you allocate different daily amounts to each day of the week.
  11. For Start/End Schedule, specify a start date and end date for your campaign. Campaign schedule is governed by the ad account's timezone. 
  12. For Tracking Link, select an existing tracking link or click New tracking link to add a new one. To learn more about adding a new tracking link, see Register tracking links.
  13. [Optional] Under Conversion Setting, you can select an in-app event metric you would like to track on Moloco Ads. This is for reporting purposes only and has no impact on your campaign goal and optimization. You can check the conversion metric you have specified in Overview and Analytics. After a conversion metric has been specified or updated, it can take up to 24 hours for changes to be reflected on Moloco Ads. 
    Important: Be sure to select the most important event for your campaign performance as the only conversion metric. If you select multiple events, metrics for the selected events are displayed as an aggregate sum in Overview and Analytics. 
  14. Click Next and review all details. When you are ready, click Submit to create the campaign.
  15. You can find all campaigns you have created under an app in the main overview. Upon creation, campaign status is automatically set to Submitted (Preparing). Note that a campaign doesn't start running until you have toggled on. To learn how to launch a campaign, see Launch a campaign. Screenshot_2023-05-24_at_11.58.25_AM.png


Launch a campaign

Upon creation, a campaign's status is set to Submitted (Preparing) by default and remains so during the time the system is gathering required data for building the campaign's optimization model. You won't be able to launch the campaign under this status.

Building an optimization model is generally completed within one to two hours following campaign creation. When the model is ready, the campaign status is updated to Ready, and you can launch the campaign following the steps below.

Important: Before launching a campaign, be sure that you have assigned the correct tracking link and creative group(s) to the campaign.

    1. Select your ad account from the drop-down menu on the top left of your screen.

    2. Select your app from the left sidebar.

    3. Scroll down to find the list of campaigns below Campaigns

    4. Click the On/Off toggle for the campaign of your choice to toggle on and launch the campaign. 

    5. Click YES to the prompt "Are you sure you want to launch this campaign?"

    6. Campaign status is updated to Active, and you have successfully launched the campaign. To learn more about campaign status, see Campaign status.

    7. If you would like to stop running the campaign, click the On/Off toggle again to toggle off and deactivate the campaign.


Frequently asked questions


How much of the budget can each campaign spend daily?

You can set your daily budget up to 200,000 USD per campaign. However, you also can scale up the campaign by using multiple ad spaces in RTB with all recommended creative sizes and formats — so there's no limit to how much can be spent. To set a budget of 200,000 USD or more per day, contact your Moloco representative.



Why are some countries not available from the selection?

At Moloco, we consistently comply with the laws and regulations of the country we operate our business. Therefore, certain countries may not be available to select.


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