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Each campaign will have one of the following statuses.


1.  Submitted (Preparing)

The campaign status is Submitted (Preparing) right after the campaign setup while our system gathers the data required for the campaign's optimization model. During this stage, you can't launch your campaign.


2.  Ready

After the campaign creation, the campaign status will be changed to Ready when the optimization model is prepared to launch your campaign but your campaign's toggle is still Off. You can activate the campaign by turning On the campaign switch toggle in this status.


3. ___________2022-04-22_______9.29.54.png Scheduled

Even though the optimization model is ready and the campaign's toggle is On, the campaign status appears to be Scheduled if the start date of the campaign is in the future. Then, the campaign status will be changed to Active status below when the start date arrives.


4.  Active

Active means that the campaign is live. If the campaign toggle is On after the model is ready and the campaign can be launched upon its schedule, the status will be Active.

For the user acquisition campaign, there will be 2 additional statuses below at the initial stage after the campaign activation. We strongly recommend not changing the campaign's target audiences or creatives in these 2 statuses.

  • ___________2022-04-22_______10.06.23.png Brand new: This status means that the user acquisition campaign has only been running for a few days. 
  • ___________2022-04-22_______10.06.34.png New: This status means that the user acquisition campaign started less than a week ago. 


5.  Paused

If you stop the campaign by turning Off an active campaign's toggle, the status will be changed to Paused. Also, Ready status will be turned into Paused if the toggle is Off and the campaign start date arrives.


6.  Completed

If the campaign is stopped after the set end date, the status becomes Completed regardless of the toggle On/Off.

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