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Samsung exchange is a supply side platform (SSP) owned and operated by Samsung Electronics and is mainly composed of exclusive apps pre-installed on Samsung devices. Apps related to gaming such as Game Launcher are known to perform well. As a leader in the Android market, all inventories are reserved for Android only. This means that any creatives making any reference to iOS may be rejected. With the addition of new available locations, there are frequent policy changes and updates. 



Available countries


Available inventories


Game Launcher
Game Launcher - Instant Plays

Available creative formats



Native Logo Game Launcher
Native Video Game Launcher
Video Interstitial Game Launcher - Instant Plays


Creative Guidelines

Creative checklist

  • Native logo and video for Game Launcher
    • App icon (min. 256x256)
    • 16:9 video (min. 640x360; video length can be min. 6 sec to max. 30 sec)
    • 16:9 end card image (min. 640x360)
  • Interstitial Video for Game Launcher - Instant Plays
    • 9:16 video (min. 360x640)
    • 9:16 end card image (min. 360x640)


Samsung review process

After you have registered a new creative, the creative must first undergo Samsung's manual review process before it can be used. On average, Samsung reviews and delivers their verdict on creatives two to three times per day.


Acceptable video creative specs

  • Native video aspect ratio can be 16:9 or 9:16.

  • At least 640x360 resolution is recommended for 16:9 videos.

  • 9:16 videos are required for Game Launcher - Instant Plays inventory.
  • Videos can be 6 to 30 seconds.


Required image assets

App icon (256x256) and end card images are required. End card image aspect ratio must be the same as video aspect ratio.  


Other restrictions

No iOS related content

Creatives shouldn't include any reference to iOS. For example, if a video includes iPhone or Apple Store logo, the video may be rejected.



No margins allowed in videos

Videos can't have any black margins or images taking up space on the screen. For example, 4:3 videos reformatted using black margins or images to meet the 16:9 aspect ratio requirement may be rejected. 



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