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The SAMSUNG Exchange is a SSP that is owned and operated by Samsung Electronics and is mainly composed of exclusive apps that are pre-installed in Samsung devices. Apps, such as Game Launcher that are specialized for gaming, have proven to perform well. As a leader in the Android market, all inventory is for Android only and any creatives with any reference to iOS will not be approved. As of April 2020, there has been an expansion of available geos, which has led to frequent policy changes and updates.  


Available Geos KOR/JPN, USA/CAN, SEA (SGP, HKG, IDN etc.)
Main Available Inventory
Game Launcher
Game Launcher - Instant Plays
Available Creative Format
Native Logo Game Launcher
Native Video Game Launcher
Video Interstitial Game Launcher - Instant Plays


Creative Guidelines

Minimum Requirments

  • App Icon (minimum 256x256)
  • 16:9 Main Image (minimum 480x270)
  • 16:9 Video
  • 9:16 Video for Instant Plays
SAMSUNG released ads (creatives) by whitelisting.
  • If a new creative is material is discovered by SAMSUNG while monitoring Moloco's bid response, they will whitelist the creative ID upon approval so the ads may be released.

  • Creatives are inspected and approved by SAMSUNG 2~3 times per day.

There may not be any iOS related content in the creatives.

For example, if the video displays an iPhone screen as the frame, the video may be rejected.

Accepted video creative format and aspect ratio
  • The accepted aspect ratios for Native Video are 16:9 / 9:16.

    Tip: However, the 9:16 size will be exposed vertically in the 16:9 inventory size. Thus, the 16:9 size is more advantageous. 

  • A resolution of 640x360 is recommended based on the 16:9 video size.

  • 9:16 Video is required for Game Launcher - Instant Plays inventory.
Video Creative Restrictions
  • Black margins are not permitted. For example, if you re-format a 4:3 video to fit the 16:9 size by adding black margins, the video may be rejected. 
  • If you re-format a 9:16 video to create a 16:9 video, the video may be rejected.
Additional creatives required other than the video

Icon (256x256) + an image (same format size as the video) to use as an end card

Samsung Apps may only be used if the landing is set to a Samsung App, regardless of the creative material.

Depending on the campaign settings, if the landing is set to Google Play, all creatives may be rejected.

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