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The Samsung exchange is an SSP owned and operated by Samsung Electronics and is mainly composed of exclusive apps pre-installed on Samsung devices. Apps, such as Game Launcher which specialize in gaming, have proven to perform well. As a leader in the Android market, all inventory is for Android only, and any creatives with any reference to iOS will not be approved. As of April 2020, there has been an expansion of available countries, which has led to frequent policy changes and updates.  



Available countries KOR, JPN, USA, CAN, SGP, HKG, IDN etc.

Available inventories


Game Launcher
Game Launcher - Instant Plays

Available creative formats



Native Logo Game Launcher
Native Video Game Launcher
Video Interstitial Game Launcher - Instant Plays


Creative Guidelines

Creative checklist

  • Native logo and video for Game Launcher
    • App icon (minimum 256x256)
    • 16:9 video (minimum 640x360, min 6 sec to max 30 sec)
    • 16:9 end card image (minimum 640x360)
  • Interstitial Video for Game Launcher - Instant Plays
    • 9:16 video (minimum 360x640)
    • 9:16 end card image (minimum 360x640)


Samsung manually reviews and allows creatives.

  • After registering a new creative material, the material can be exposed only after passing Samsung's manual review process.
  • Creatives are inspected and approved by Samsung 2~3 times per day.


Accepted video creative specs

  • The accepted aspect ratios for Native Video are 16:9 and 9:16.

  • A minimum of 640x360 resolution is recommended based on the 16:9 video size.

  • 9:16 Video is required for Game Launcher - Instant Plays inventory.
  • The minimum video length is 6 sec and the maximum is 30 sec.


Required image assets

App icon (256x256) + End card images (same aspect ratio as the video)


There shouldn't be any iOS-related content in the creatives.

For example, if the video contains any iPhone or Apple Store logo, the video may be rejected.



Video Creative Restrictions

  • Black margins are not permitted. For example, if you re-format a 4:3 video to fit the 16:9 size by adding black margins, the video may be rejected. 
  • The video may be rejected even if the margins are filled with images instead of plain black margins.



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