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The Kakao Exchange is an SSP that is owned and operated by Daum Kakao. With Moloco Cloud DSP, you are able to bid with their exclusive Kakao and Daum inventory in Korea. The main inventory is a banner that appears on the news page within Kakao and Daum apps.



Available Geos KOR Only
Main Available Inventory
  • Kakao Talk Androidcom.kakao.talk, iOS 362057947
  • Daum Android net.daum.android.daum, iOS365494029
Available Creative Format

1200 x 600 Native

Important: 1200 x 600 images need to be set up on 'Native' tab while adding new creatives.



Creative Guideline

  • Kakao has a strict policy and creatives must be approved before they can be released. Refer to the detailed creative guidelines below for the creative to ensure it meets the criteria.

  • Creatives are inspected and approved by Kakao on a daily basis. Ads will be released through a allow listing process.


Detailed Creative Guidelines

Terms Description

Less than 25 letters including margin and space.

(KOR, ENG, numbers, special characters are applicable)

Image 1200 x 600 (GIF not acceptable) 
CTA text

You should select the one of the following CTA texts available only in Korean (No exception)

  • 가입하기 | 게임하기 | 구매하기 | 다운로드 | 문의하기 | 바로가기 | 사용하기 | 설치하기 | 소식받기 | 신청하기 | 실행하기 | 알아보기 | 예약하기 | 채널추가 | 쿠폰받기
  • It's recommend using a single image. A combination of the same image is not allowed.
  • You can use diffrent images within a divided layout but maximum of 2 images are allowed.
  • Text within the image should be 48px or larger. Any text related to legal such as copyright should be 24px or larger.
  • Borders around the image is not allowed.

Tip: It would be easier to understand if you check the explanation along with the example in the image guide below.



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