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There are important updates to be made to the requirements for Kakao Bizboard effective February 21, 2023. You should prepare 1029 x 258 images for Bizboard. Download the template with all updates reflected. Be aware that you won't be able to upload creatives of any size for Kakao Bizboard for a period of one month starting from February 21, 2023. To run campaigns with 1029 x 222 images during this period, be sure to upload creatives of this size well in advance of the blackout period.

The Kakao exchange is an SSP owned and operated by Kakao, which owns exclusive Kakao and Daum inventory in Korea. With Moloco Cloud DSP, you can bid on the premium Bizboard inventories on Kakaotalk and Daum portal, and the native display inventories on the news page within Kakao and Daum apps.



Available Geos KOR Only
Main Available Inventory
  • Kakao Talk Androidcom.kakao.talk, iOS 362057947
  • Daum Android net.daum.android.daum, iOS365494029
Available Creative Format
  • Bizboard: 1029 x 222 Image
  • Native Display: 1200 x 600 Native

Important: 1200 x 600 images need to be set up on the 'Native' tab while adding new creatives.


Major inventories 

  • * Depending on Kakao's situation, the placements may be changed in real time.

  • * Depending on Kakao's situation, the placements may be changed in real time.



Creative guidelines

  • Kakao has a strict policy, and creatives must be approved before release. Refer to the detailed creative guidelines below for the creative to ensure it meets the criteria.

  • Creatives are inspected and approved by Kakao daily. Ads will be released through an allow-listing process.


Detailed creative guidelines for Bizboard

Terms Description
Overall guides
  • Dimension: 1029 x 222
  • Format: PNG-24, PNG-32
  • Size: max 300KB
  • Image banner guide:
    • A banner must be created using provided PSD file
    • Use the font used in the PSD template file 
    • The background must be transparent (Kakao system will set up the background color box)
    • Use a relevant image for ad copy
    • Can't place any object (copy, thumbnail image, etc.) on the 48px of left and right side of the banner
Copy guides


  1. Main copy guides
    • Font: Spoqa Han Sans Bold
    • Style: 45pt / #4C4C4C / 100% / Crisp
    • You can't change the font size, style, and alignment in the provided PSD file.
  2. App icon guides 
    • 32pxX32px square size app icon must be included
    • App icon is not recognized as an advertising subject
  3. App download copy guides
    • Font: Spoqa Han Sans
    • Style: 24pt / #777777 / 100% / Crisp
    • You can't change the font size, style, and alignment in the provided PSD file.
    • '앱' must be included in the app download copy (e.g., 카카오톡 앱에서 구매하기 / 카카오톡 앱으로 할인권 구매하기 / 앱다운로드하기 / 앱으로 이벤트 참여하기)
  • Overall copy guide
    • Sub-copy other than the main copy is unavailable for the app download template.
    • If you need to include additional legal notice by law, you can't run ads on Bizboard.
    • You must include the advertising subject (advertiser name/ brand name/game name/etc.) in the main or app download copy.
    • The copy should be longer than 290px but shorter than 585px. (min 7, max 14 characters) 
    • Copy shouldn't be overlapped with the thumbnail image.
    • You can use strikethrough only for price-related information (Price, Discount rate)
    • Emoji, Symbols are unavailable (→ arrow is only available)
    • Unable to use hooking copy that hinders usability. e.g., Copies including '톡', '메일', '공지' etc. 
DSP copy


  • AD Mark: AD Mark can't be moved or modified
  • Must include DSP copy Moloco 광고입니다. 
  • Other than the external DSP copy above, other copy cannot be added.
Thumbnail guides


  • Area dimension: 245x152
  • Registration dimension: 315x222
  • Image format: JPG, JPEG, PNG (don't use a transparent image)
  • Size: max 10MB 
  • Must use thumbnail box template for external DSP
  • The thumbnail box can't be modified, and a borderline is not allowed.
  • Thumbnail images can't contain any text, including advertiser-related text such as advertiser name, advertiser CI, and BI
  • A color similar to the gray background (#F3F3F3) unavailable.
  • Fragmented images and combinations of multiple images are unavailable.
  • Edited images highlighting text in real products are unavailable.
  • Low-resolution images are unavailable.
  • Images with distorted shapes (blurred, blurred, mosaic, etc.) are unavailable.
  • Avoid using colors that cause fatigue in the user's eyes by using excessively saturated colors.
  • Before and after comparison images highlighting the effectiveness of a product or service may be limited.
  • Images that can mislead as news reporting (broadcasting & news screens, newspaper articles, etc.) are not available
  • Cannot insert false functions (mouse point, sound/play control buttons, etc.) to trigger clicks
  • Kakao's brand color (yellow) cannot be used as a point color or an image that can mislead as Kakao service.
  • The background color must be transparent.


  • The size, font, and alignment of text(copies) in the template shouldn't be modifiedExample_ad_copy.jpg
  • The thumbnail image must not contain text or emphasize the text on the product.Example_text_in_thumbnail.jpg


Detailed creative guidelines for Native Display Ads

Terms Description

Less than 25 letters, including margin and space.

(KOR, ENG, numbers, and special characters are applicable)

  • Dimension: 1200 x 600
  • File format: JPEG, JPG, PNG (GIF is not allowed) 
  • File size: 500KB
CTA text

You should select the one of the following CTA texts available only in Korean (No exception)

  • 가입하기 | 게임하기 | 구매하기 | 다운로드 | 문의하기 | 바로가기 | 사용하기 | 설치하기 | 소식받기 | 신청하기 | 실행하기 | 알아보기 | 예약하기 | 채널추가 | 쿠폰받기
  • We recommend leaving a space of 40px above and on each side of, as well as 90px below the main creative that does not contain any text, logo, or any part of the main image.margin.jpg_2022-08-11_18-16-56.png 
    Note: Depending on the inventory type, title and CTA may be displayed in the bottom part of the creative as in the image below. margin.jpg_2022-08-11_18-15-15.png
  • A combination of the same image is not allowed.single_image.jpg
  • You can use different images within a divided layout, but only 2 images are allowed.
  • Text within the image should be 48px or larger. Any text related to legal such as copyright should be 24px or larger.font_size.jpg
  • A border line around the image is not allowed.stroke.jpg

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