Moloco Ads release note (24.4.11)

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Dear Moloco Ads users,

We would like to announce the following updates to Moloco Ads. The following change is effective starting April 11, 2024.

Auto-generate creatives for Kakao Bizboard

In order to facilitate the process of creating creative assets for the Kakao Bizboard inventories, we have developed a new feature that lets you auto-generate creative assets tailored specifically to the requirements for Kakao Bizboard. To start using this feature, go to User settings > My info and click Moloco Labs. Click to toggle on Kakao Bizboard image generator. Next time you create a new creative asset or creative group, you should be able to see and choose Add Kakao image from the UI and auto-generate creative assets for Kakao Bizboard. To learn how to create new creative assets and/or creative groups, see the creative guide and the creative group guide. Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 6.04.49 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 5.59.38 PM.png

The Moloco Ads team is always striving to provide the best service with regular feature updates and improvements.


Thank you,

Moloco Ads Team

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