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You can test out your creatives on the Moloco Creative Lab app to verify that they are displayed or rendered as intended. It is available on Android and iOS

Important: At this time, you can test video creatives, videos with Interactive End Card (IEC), and Playables only. All other types of creatives are currently not available for testing. Creatives are rendered using the Moloco SDK and they may look different under different exchanges.

To test your creatives, follow these instructions. 

  1. Download and start the app. Sign in with your Moloco Ads sign in credentials.
  2. Select a workplace and tap Next.
  3. Select an ad account and tap Next.
  4. Select an app and tap View Creatives. You will only see apps for the same OS as your device (iOS or Android). 
  5. Tap the Videos, Videos-IEC, and Playables tabs to see a list of all video creatives, videos with IEC, and Playables uploaded to the app. Tap Render next to the creative you would like to test.

    Important: Videos with IEC and Playables are in closed beta phase and are only available upon request. If you would like to upload and test videos with IEC and/or Playables, reach out to your Moloco representative. After your Moloco representative has uploaded the creatives, they will show up under the respective tab(s).

  6. Clicking View Logs displays a record of events from the test run recorded on your app and Moloco's server. 

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