Cloud DSP release note (23.11.30)

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Dear Moloco Cloud DSP users,

We would like to announce the following updates to Cloud DSP. The following changes are effective starting November 30, 2023.


Minimum budget for new campaigns is now $10

For all new campaigns, we have increased the minimum budget from $1 to $10. If your ad account is using a different currency, the minimum budget amount required to launch new campaigns is converted and displayed in the currency your ad account is using. For example, the new minimum budget amount for ad accounts using the Korean won (KRW) is ₩10,000. This change is only applicable to any new campaigns you create and there is no impact to any of your existing campaigns unless you make changes to their budget amount. Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 2.28.36 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 2.30.01 PM.png


Granular location targeting is available for ASEAN regions

You can now start targeting various states, cities, and towns in Indonesia and Malaysia. To learn how to add new targets to your campaigns, see the target creation guide


The Cloud DSP team is always striving to provide the best service with regular feature updates and improvements.


Thank you,

Moloco Cloud DSP Team

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