How to set up Adjust tracking links for User Acquisition (UA) campaigns (Adjust Suite)

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The steps outlined in this guide are only applicable to Adjust Suite. If you are using Adjust Classic, see this guide instead.

After you have integrated postbacks with Adjust, you must set up tracking links to track campaign performance. This guide walks you through the process of setting up tracking links for your User Acquisition (UA) campaign on Adjust Suite.

Step 1: Specify the tracking link structure.

For Set your link use case, select the option that is compatible with your app type. For example, if your app is set up for CTV campaigns, you must select Cross-device link. Otherwise, you must select Single-device link

For Link name, enter a name to use for all tracking link URLs such as "moloco" or "moloco dsp". This name also appears in your data report. Click Next to move on to the next step.


Step 2: Configure additional settings.

For User destinations, if available, you can choose to add a deep link, redirect to a custom URL, and/or add a custom URL as a fallback option. Click Next to move on to the next step.


Step 3: Create click-through and view-through tracking links and configure attribution windows.

For New user: attribution, click the Edit button next to Clicks and Impressions to create click-through and view-through tracking links. For both Clicks and Impressions, you must toggle on Enable device matching and we recommend toggling on Enable probabilistic modeling, if toggled off by default. 

If you like, you can update the default attribution windows. To learn more about attribution windows, see Adjust's attribution window guide. Click Next to move on to the next step.

Important: For click tracking links, we generally recommend toggling off Enable temporary attribution, as this may have negative impacts on your campaign performance. For temporary attribution and temporary reattribution, we recommend consulting your Adjust representative to decide on the best course of action for your campaigns. To learn more about temporary attribution and temporary reattribution, see Adjust's guide on attribution settings.


Step 4: Save and register tracking links.

Review your selections and click Create link to save changes. Copy over the tracking links to Moloco Ads to register. To learn how to register tracking links, see the tracking link registration guide


Next steps

You must integrate cost data with Adjust. To learn how to send ad cost data to Adjust, see the cost data integration guide for Adjust



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