How to set up Connected TV (CTV) measurements with Branch

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To start running Connected TV (CTV) campaigns with Moloco, you must set up CTV-specific attribution with your MMP. This guide walks you through how to set up CTV attribution with Branch.

Step 1: Integrate postbacks. 

You must integrate postbacks as the first step to tracking your CTV campaign performance. To learn how to integrate postbacks, see the postback integration guide for Branch


Step 2: Set up a view-through tracking link.

At this time, you are only able to run User Acquisition (UA) CTV campaigns with Moloco. You will only need view-through tracking links for CTV campaigns. To learn how to set up a view-through tracking link, see the tracking link setup guide for Branch

Important: Be sure that your view-through tracking link includes the following parameters. Without these parameters, Branch is unable to handle cross-device attribution as desired.

  • %24cross_device=true
  • %243p=a_ott_moloco
  • ~branch_ad_format=Cross-Platform%20Display


Step 3: Configure attribution window settings.

If you like, you can update the preset attribution window for your view-through tracking link. To learn more about attribution window settings, see the attribution window guide from Branch


Step 4: Register your view-through tracking link for CTV attribution.

Copy over the view-through tracking link to Moloco Ads. To learn how to register tracking links, see the tracking link registration guide


Step 5: Monitor your CTV campaign performance.

You must first create a Branch dashboard, if you haven't already done so. You can track your CTV campaign's performance on this dashboard. To learn about the metrics you can view on the dashboard, see the reporting guide from Branch


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