How to integrate with a mobile measurement partner (MMP)

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To start running campaigns with Moloco, you must configure attribution settings with a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP). In this guide, you will find information about what MMPs do, how to integrate, and a list of MMPs Moloco is working with at this time. 

What are mobile measurement partners (MMPs)?

A mobile measurement partner (MMP) is a third-party platform that collects campaign data, and attributes each user event to an ad partner to let advertisers track and analyze campaign performance across multiple ad partners in a single platform. 

Your MMP collects and receives clicks and impressions from tracking links you have set up with ad partners as well as in-app events recorded by the MMP's software development kit (SDK) that is embedded in your advertised app.


How MMP attribution works

When a user is shown your ad, the tracking link associated with the ad records the ad impression. This ad impression is saved on your MMP's server. When the user subsequently clicks your ad, the tracking link for your ad records the ad click and the click is saved on your MMP's server. 

When the user downloads and opens the advertised app for the first time, your MMP's SDK embedded in the app records the app install and sends it over to your MMP's server. The MMP server evaluates the logged impressions and clicks and attributes the app install to the latest touchpoint based on the MMP's own attribution logic. Any other in-app events (e.g., add to cart, purchase, etc.) that subsequently take place are recorded and attributed in the same way. 

In the event that you have authorized to share all campaign data with us, the full postback data including Moloco-attributed, non-Moloco-attributed, and organic events are sent back to Moloco. The postback data we receive are critical for our machine learning engine to optimize your campaign performance, and we strongly recommend sharing full postback data with us. You can view and download all postback data from Moloco Ads

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Attribution components

The key components of MMP attribution are the following. 

  • A tracking link is a URL generated by your MMP for tracking views and clicks. View or impression tracking links record ad views, and click tracking links record ad clicks.  

  • Your MMP's SDK is embedded within your app and records in-app user events such as app install and app open. 

  • This is the duration that an ad view or ad click is eligible for attribution. Attribution windows can be configured on your MMP dashboard and/or your tracking links. 

  • A postback link is a URL for sending in-app events to ad partners. Moloco recommends sharing full postback data including Moloco-attributed, non-Moloco-attributed, and unattributed or organic events to be able to optimize your campaign performance using our machine learning engine that learns from the data you share with us. 


How to integrate with an MMP

To start tracking your campaign performance, you must integrate with an MMP to record key metrics that tell you how many users performed an ad action following exposure to your campaign (e.g., downloading the advertised app, adding an item to cart, etc.). Integrating with an MMP typically requires the following steps.

On your MMP dashboard

  1. Set up an app on your MMP dashboard and install the MMP's SDK in the app. 
  2. Configure postback settings for your MMP. You will need to set up postbacks on the MMP dashboard. To learn how to set up postbacks, see the available resources for your MMP.  
  3. Create tracking links on your MMP dashboard. To learn how to create tracking links, see the available resources for your MMP
  4. Integrate cost data with your MMP on your MMP dashboard. You will need your Moloco ad account ID and token ID from Moloco Ads. To learn how to integrate cost data, see the available resources for your MMP.

On Moloco Ads

  1. Register your app on Moloco Ads.
  2. Register your tracking links on Moloco Ads


MMPs we can integrate with

At this time, Moloco is able to integrate with the following MMPs. Check out the available resources for your MMP to learn how to integrate. 



Adjust Suite

Adjust Classic





Adbrix Remastered


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